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More iPad Lessons…

Well, after 8 weeks of maternity leave, 43 hours of labor, and one 8 pound baby girl later….I’m back! When I came back to school, all of my 8th graders received their iPads so we can now start using them in the classroom!

My first project is one I am doing this week that I actually got from a website for 4th grade iPad lessons (http://list.ly/list/1OT-4th-grade-ipad-lesson-ideas). This project ties in with our ‘Energy Flow in an Ecosystem” unit that we are currently in, but it also helps the students get to know their iPads.

We will be using an app called IdeaSketch which is a graphic organizer that allows students to draw different “thought bubbles” and change the color, move them around, connect them with arrows, all sorts of options. While this is a great tool to use in the classroom for concept maps and food webs, it could also be very beneficial to a student who may have difficulty relating different concepts within a unit.

For a free app, it is an outstanding learning tool. I’m very excited to see how it works, watch my Twitter feed for some pictures later this week! @WonderLeadSarah

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